Keynote Lecturers, 2018


Mina Gorji   |  Theresa M Kelley  |  Stacey McDowell   |  Seamus Perry

Adam Potkay  | Michael Rossington  | Charles Rzepka  

Gillian Beer  |  Madeleine Callaghan  |  Philip Connell  | David Duff  

Jessica Fay  |  Stacey McDowell  |  Julian North  |  Kimiyo Ogawa


Keynote Lecturers, 2017


Matthew Bevis | James Engell  | Bruce Graver | Nicholas Halmi  |  Alexandra Harris

Felicity James  | Kasahara Yorimichi  |  Meiko O'Halloran  | Michael O'Neill

Fiona Robertson  |  Fiona Stafford |  Heidi Thomson


Keynote Lectures 2016


Heather Glen (Cambridge) ~  Re-imagining Place: James Clarke's A Survey of the Lakes

Richard Marggraf Turley (Aberystwyth) ~ Objects of Suspicion

John Williams (Greenwich) ~ The Riddle of Peter Bell

Richard Gravil (The Foundation) ~ Beat

Denise Gigante (Stanford) ~ Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be, Uunless You Lend Your Books to STC

Greg Leadbetter (Birmingham City University ~ Wordsworth’s Idleness

Alan Bewell (Toronto) ~ Wordsworth and the Historical Ecology of the Lake District

Oliver Clarkson (Oxford) ~ Wordsworth: Love Poet

Tim Fulford (Leicester De Montfort) ~ Ebenezer Elliott and Wordsworth’s Radical Revival

Mark Sandy (Durham) ~ ‘A Strange Half-Absence’: Wordsworth’s Ghostly Poetics

Masashi Suzuki (Kyoto) ~ War and the Origin of Painting in Felicia Dorothea Hemans

Nora Crook (Anglia Ruskin) ~ Shelley’s Lost Books

Peter Dale (Musicologist) ~ Lyrical Ballads and Ballad Lyrics


Keynote Lectures 2015


Simon Bainbridge (Lancaster University): Wordsworth, War, and Waterloo

Sarah Wootton (Durham University): Afterlives of the Byronic Hero in Nineteenth-Century Fiction and on Film
Philip Shaw (Leicester University): Wordsworth, Waterloo and Sacrifice

Sonia Hofkosh (Tufts): Double Touch: The Poetics of Drawing in STC’s Notebooks
Lucy Newlyn (St Edmund Hall, Oxford): The Poetics of Hospitality

Kaz Oishi (Tokyo University): Coleridge and Philanthropy in the 1810s: Lay Sermons Revisited
Andrew Bennett (Bristol University): ‘Here, ‘tis here / Here’: Wordsworth in the Here and Now

Nicholas Roe (St Andrews): Mr Keats
Tom Owens (Churchill College, Cambridge): Wordsworth’s Orbicular Poetics

John Bugg (Fordham University): Cobbett’s Country Peace
Susan Wolfson (Princeton University): What’s in a Name?

Richard Lansdown (James Cook University): A Marginal Interest? Byron and the Fine Arts

Conference Papers 2015

(for all other paprs see the programmes below)


  • Paul Cheshire – John Cowper Powys and Wordsworth's ‘cerebral mystical passion for young women’
  • Dan Eltringham (Birkbeck) – Enclosure, Scarcity and Sustainability in Wordsworth’s Cumbria
  • Bruce Graver (Providence) – Neoclassical Wordsworth
  • Charity Ketz (UC at Berkeley) – Duration and Suspense in Wordsworth’s ‘Books’
  • Stacey McDowell (St John’s, Cambridge) – Reading Together Apart
  • Kimiyo Ogawa (Sophia University) – Gothic Force and imagination in Austen’s Northanger Abbey and Keats’s ‘Isabella’
  • James Castell (Cardiff) – Ontology and politics in ‘Frost at Midnight’
  • Tim Fulford (De Montfort) – Patrons and Stewards: Wordsworth’s Coleorton Inscriptions and the Politics of Landscape
  • Anna Camilleri (Christ Church, Oxford) – Lyrical Epic and Epical Lyric: The Prelude and Don Juan
  • Elsa Hammond (Bristol) – Coleridge’s ‘baby pangs’
  • Judyta Frodyma (St Catherine’s College, Oxford) – Transatlantic Wildness: Considerations of ‘Westward’ in Wordsworth and Thoreau
  • Tim Sommer (Heidelberg) – American Transcendentalism and Wordsworth’s Transnational Uses
  • Jolene Mathieson (Hamburg) – William Wordsworth, Cognitive Ecology and the Performance of Nature
  • Julia S. Carlson (Cincinnati) – Tangible Print and Wordsworthian Tact
  • Saeko Yoshikawa (Kobe City University) – Wordsworth and the Wars – Patriotism and Preservation
  • Anna Fleming (Leeds) – Wordsworth’s Creative Ecotone: Navigating Community Boundaries and Tension in the Vagrant Poems
  • Janine Utell (Widener) – ‘I did my work like a man’: Leslie Stephen, Mountaineering, and Masculinity
  • Pamela Buck (Sacred Heart) – Prints, Panoramas, and Picturesque Travel in Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journal of a Tour on the Continent
  • John Hartley (Open University) – ‘Romance Mania’ and John Stagg’s Minstrel of the North
  • Rachel Nisbet (Lausanne) – Wordsworth’s Poetic Mediation of Nature’s Still Small Voices
  • Oliver Clarkson (University College, Oxford) – Wordsworth and What Can’t be Said
  • Kate Pfeffer (Trinity College, Cambridge) – Lyrical Babble
  • Heather Stone (Brasenose, Oxford) – Coleridge and Lamb: reading round the margins
  • Natsuko Hirakura (Waseda) – The Other Wollstonecraft Girl: Fanny Imlay in the Works of Mary Shelley
  • Julia Tejblum (Harvard) – Wordsworth and the Relief of Central Switzerland
  • Matthew Ward (St Andrews) – Wordsworth and Glee
  • Brandon Chao-Chi Yen (Queens’ College, Cambridge) – The Political Iconography of Cottages in The Excursion
  • Alexandra Paterson (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) – Geology and Poetic Process in Charlotte Smith’s ‘Beachy Head’
  • Hiroki Iwamoto (Waseda) – Endymion and Keats’s Aesthetic of Passivity
  • Paul Whickman (Derby) – Poet as Sage, Sage as Poet: Shelley’s ‘Mont Blanc’ and ‘Hymn to Intellectual Beauty’
  • Jessica Fay (Bristol) – Wordsworth’s Creation of Taste
  • Tom Clucas (Justus-Liebig University) – ‘There is an Eminence’: The Poet as Parley-Hill


Past Programmes


Full conference programmes including all papers, bursaries awarded, excursions and fell walks, are downloadable below.


The 2018 Conference
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